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DISTRICT 8:  North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska  

District Director: Julie Olson

Science teacher - Mitchell Senior High/Second Chance High  Adjunct Professor of Biology/Education at Dakota Wesleyan University and Northern State University

Mitchell School District 17-2 

 The University of South Dakota

News from District 8:

What's new in District 8?

    Which would melt faster? 

 A snowman with or without  hat, scarf, and coat?   


  1.  What are some testable questions?  
  2. What do you know already? Design and carry an experiment.  
  3. Collect and analyze data.  
  4. Conclusions based on evidence. 

Bio-Interactive Online Professional Learning Course--Evolution

Certificates documenting your completion of the course are available in two segments. You will receive one certificate after completing unit 1, which is estimated to require at least 5 hours. You will receive another certificate after completing both units 2 and 3, which together are also estimated to require at least 5 hours. You can complete the two segments independently.

Project Underground Workshop
Jewel Cave National Monument

Project Underground is an educational workshop designed for teachers and educators, exposing them to different activities related to cave and karst resources. Complementing Project WILD and Project Learning Tree (PLT), this weekend course provides certification for participants ... giving them tools and resources for classroom programs, as well as the training to share these opportunities with others at their local school.

The workshop kicks off on Friday, September 21 with a tour of Jewel Cave after hours (7:00 p.m.), followed by a campfire near the park housing units. On Saturday, September 22, a mixture of classroom activities and cave adventures will take place ... with small group activities happening in the evening.  The workshop finishes on Sunday, September 23 with team activities and lesson plans, with participants departing no later than 11:00 a.m.

More information and registration materials will be made public after August 1.  The workshop will be limited to the first 20 participants.  Academic credit (professional development credit) will also be made available.

If you would like to be placed on a "waiting list" for the workshop, please contact the Visitor Center at (605) 673-8300 or send an email to



Science Experiments for Children Ages 5–9—    Originally developed in collaboration with the Marie Curie Alumni Association as part of its My Science Super Heroes project, this downloadable e-book from Science Connected has 27 pages of science experiments for adults and children to conduct together using items commonly found around the home or hardware store. The experiments cover a range of topics in physics, biology, chemistry, and Earth science, and with sections explaining What’s It About, What You Need, Useful Words, What to Do, and Science to Know, each experiment provides enough guidance for teachers or parents to successfully conduct the activities in the classroom or at home. Titles include Demonstrating the Forces of Flight; Make It Move: Measuring the Static Friction of a Shoe; How Do Different Materials Affect Temperature?; How Are Colors Created?; How Can You Turn Saltwater Into Drinking Water?; How Can Geckos Climb Walls?; How Does a Solar Cell Create Electricity?; and How Is the Aurora Borealis Created?

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